Rita’s Corner

Rita’s Korner
When I first caught a glimpse of the “New TCNE Website” and saw my assigned byline ” Rita’s Korner”for  the new “Rosebuds”, I had to chuckle to myself. I wondered if whoever dreamed it up was aware of the countless times as a child when I was banished to the “corner” for being naughty. I used this mild punishment  on my own children later, but the effect was not quite the same. With five children and a room with four corners it sometimes became a game of “musical corners”.

I look forward to the opportunity of making my own little contributions to the new “Rosebud”. All of us who can remember, will always be in the debt of Frances Cardullo and Michael West for putting out such fantastic issues of “Rosebuds” for so long. I can only hope that we can carry on their tradition.

In the months to come, I hope to report to you on a variety of events and happenings. It might be a revue on a restaurant I went to, or a shop or boutique, or some play, or other entertainment . I will report not only on the quality of the establishment but also rate them on being “TG” friendly.
We may also do interviews with our Vendors with  lots of pictures so you may get to know who our friends are and what they can offer us in the community.

I am also giving some thought to starting a “Personals” section of Rosebud where members can advertise for a variety of things. I think that this would depend largely on comments and requests from readers. Personally, I have always enjoyed reading “personal and classified ads” and maybe others out there may share this fascination.

Any requests or letters sent to “Rita’s Korner” will be personally answered and nothing would ever be published without the writer’s approval or consent. I hope to share my own experiences, adventures, and tribulations as well, always with compassion and with a touch of humor.

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