The Eyes Have It!

by Paula Jackson of Esthétique Salon

The Eyes Have It!
We all know the eyes are the windows to our souls! Therefore, we must keep them healthy & looking great!

I often see clients plagued with various eye conditions. This can greatly affect makeup application making the process difficult and leaving one very frustrated.

Dry Eyes
The disorder I encounter on a regular basis is “dry eyes”. Surprisingly, most go undiagnosed! I hear that their eyes are “sensitive”.  Symptoms such as light sensitivity, scratchiness, a gritty sensation, itchy, redness and blurred vision are common complaints. Sometimes, a person with a dry eye will have excess tears running down the cheeks, which may seem confusing. This happens when the eye isn’t getting enough lubrication. The eye sends a distress signal through the nervous system for more lubrication. In response, the eye is flooded with tears to try to compensate for the underlying dryness. Unfortunately these tears are mostly water and do not have the lubricating qualities or the rich composition of normal tears.

What causes dry eyes?

Many factors may play a part in dry eyes. These may include the following:

  • The aging process
  • Medications
  • Diseases
  • Structural problems with the eyes


  • Artificial tear drops and ointments
  • Punctal plugs
  • Medications
  • Surgery

How to prep the eye for makeup application

  • Apply warm compresses. The warmth stimulates the tear ducts to provide lubrication to the eye.
  • Administer artificial tears. Look for those with the least preservatives to avoid irritation.
  • Eye cream may be applied on lid & underneath (pat gently from the outside in)
  • Powder eyelids and lashes to blot out oils (face or baby powder). This makes a nice matte foundation for eye shadow color. The powdered lashes provides volume & thickness for mascara application.

Prepping the eye for bedtime
Regardless of how tired you may be at the end of the day, makeup removal is key!  Find a gentle eye makeup remover to begin the process. Once you’ve completed this task, I suggest going over your eye with a “no tears” baby shampoo and water (cotton balls work great). This will help to pick up any residue left behind. Follow with a couple of drops of artificial tears. Last but not least, apply your evening eye cream.

Following these simple steps will leave your eyes looking brighter & more vibrant than you ever imagined. Being good to your eyes means that they’ll be good to you!

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