Rita’s Review of Glamour Boutique

Somehow it seems like I have always known about the Glamour Boutique in Auburn, Mass. and about John Warrener who runs it. I don’t know how I ever heard about it in the first place. Maybe it was while surfing the net or from someone I chatted with online. Also it was close to home as I live in Worcester. All I know is that it was one of my first stops when I came out  of the closet after a 15 year self-imposed exile.

Glamour Boutique in Auburn MA

It was John who sold me my first bra and of course my first implants, not to mention my first wig and first panties etc. . .As a matter of fact, the dress and the silver hair that I am wearing in my picture come from Glamour Boutique. John has a unique way of making first time crossdressers feel comfortable and helping them get started on their journeys. He is honest and fair and his prices are oh so reasonable.

Glamour Boutique Auburn MA

Now when I pay a visit to Glamour Boutique just to browse or to spend some time chatting with John, I enjoy watching him help the “newbies”. He is never pushy and you can always count on John for a straight answer. He is without a doubt the crossdressers’ best friend and a strong supporter of Tiffany as well.

When you   enter Glamour Boutique, you can be overwhelmed at first with all the merchandise that has been squeezed into such a small establishment. At the Glamour Boutique you will find  bizarre items and fetishwear to  ultra conservative dresses. You really need to spend some time browsing though  to find that special something you probably could not find anywhere else.

Glamour Boutique, Auburn, MA

I know that even now when I visit John in his shop on a social call, I always find something that I just “need” to have whether it was a piece of jewelry or a new garter belt or just to try one of his new corsets of which he carries the largest variety around.

If you are ever in the Worcester/Auburn area you should make it a point to at least stop by the Glamour Boutique, 850 Southbridge Street, Auburn, MA, 01501,  (508) 721-7800 and say, Hi, to John,.

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