Beauty Check List for First Event

by Paula Jackson of Esthétique Salon

First Event is upon us! Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, we all want to look our very best. Here’s a quick check list that may help in your preparation for the star studded event!

  1. Trim or remove hair from nose, ears, neck, chest shoulders, arms & hands.
  2. Check your nylons for snags, holes, runs etc. They should hug your legs perfectly without bagging at the knees or ankles.
  3. When in doubt or late in putting an outfit together go “black”! Black always works and may be dressed up or down.
  4. Tired of the same old hairstyle? Jazz it up with fancy combs or barrettes! Pull up one side or both and show off your earrings.
  5. Want to add glamour? Opera gloves are the answer! These elbow length gloves are offered in various colors. As an added benefit, they help to slenderize the appearance of our arms. Think Audrey Hepburn!
  6. Smooth away body imperfections with Spanx undergarments. These are miracle workers! Spanx may be purchased online or in major department stores!
  7. Shawls work beautifully in adding pizzazz to any outfit. They come in a variety of colors, textures, lengths with or without embellishments. You may throw it over one shoulder or both. They help to minimize large arms or shoulders while dressing in strapless or sleeveless attire.
  8. Keep breath fresh throughout the evening by sipping & swishing water along with alcoholic beverages. This actually keeps the mouth moist and works way better than mints or lozenges in preventing bad breath.
  9. Always project an air of confidence even if you’re shaking in your stilettos! Remember the adage: Fake it till you make it!
  10. All in all, have a fabulous time, make new friends & lasting memories!

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