Fenway Health T-Social a hit as Boston area trans-community comes together to meet each other and celebrate

Hats off to Alex Solange of Fenway Health’s Transhealth Navigator Program and the whole Fenway Health Team for a great T-Social on March 25.  Fenway has come a long way in moving to embrace the transgender community.  Early on, it was pretty much acceptance but still a sense in which Fenway didn’t quite “get” how to deal with the health aspects of trans-people.  Then Fenway wrote a book on LGBT health that included an entire chapter on caring for transgender people and things have appeared to look up ever since.  We have several friends who use Fenway Health now and they’ve been mostly happy with their hormone care and other, regular health care right in one location.  You don’t need to be medically transitioning to access their services.   If you just want one stop shop for medical services in a welcoming environment Fenway is a place worth considering.  The T-Social is an outreach Fenway has been running for a few years to reach out to the community.

It was well attended with representatives from Compass, TCNE, TransCEND, SISTERS, Fenway Health, My Changing Room, among many others.   Lots of people from the community were there.  Fenway provided a nice buffet and there were lots of smiley face so you know the vibe was good.

Beck’s Cafe had a chance to talk with Alex a bit at the social and he had a few points to share with the community

  • Fenway is very serious about helping the transgender community!   Let Fenway know what is working and what is not and how they can help. Email or call Alex asolange@fenwayhealth.org or 617.927.6449
  • Fenway has a large meeting room on it’s 10th floor of its new facility and is happy to let other groups use that room.  Based on my conversation with Alex in the very loud Club Café front room I don’t think there’s a fee but best to ask Alex first.  That room seats 200 and has AV support with an overhead projector.

Overall it was a fine and fun evening with Fenway Health.

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