Living In Balance

Charles  Dickens began the classic, A Tale of Two Cities as follows;

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”

Sometimes I wonder if Mr. Dickens was trans!   I cannot remember how many times on my own transgender journey I have spoken these famous lines.   I would not be surprised if you too, can remember the times that you may have expressed these feelings.

For everyone in general and perhaps even more so, for all of us who are trangender, life often presents the challenges to find the proper balance between the best of times and the worst of times.  Here, for First Event 2010,  on the Thirtieth Anniversary of The Tiffany Club of New England, we are hoping to provide resources, tools, and friends  that will help everyone on their personal journeys to not only find balance in their lives but also acquire the tools so that they can continue to live a life in balance.

We need to balance our innermost feelings and authenticity with our families, our jobs, our faith, and our place in society.   We at TCNE have always stated that “You Are Not Alone”, and here at First Event, this becomes very clear.

Whether you spend 5 hours or 5 days at First Event, your experience here may well be considered under “the best of times”.   This is as it should be!  However, when you return home, we hope that you will acquire some new learnings, skills, and friends so that you can balance what may look like “the worst of times” for you.

The artwork on the cover is intended as a reminder that all of life must be in balance.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) a person who is out of balance will suffer with ailments and symptoms that will that will need treatments to re-balance their energy flow.  Male and Female – light and dark – yin and yan must be in balance to ensure good health.    Wherever your journey takes you, please remember that Living in Balance is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and for all the people that are important to you.

My wish for you is to find exactly what you need to live a life in balance here at First Event 2010.

Grace Stevens,  Vice Chair, TCNE  (January 2010)

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