What’s New at TCNE for 11/13/10

We’ve improved our web site a bit here at TCNE, we encourage you to look around and see all we have to offer!

First Event Transgender Conference is in FULL PLANNING and there’s lots to see:

TCNE Web Technical Improvements

  • RSS Streams.  If you use RSS to scan web sites, TCNE now broadcasts over RSS and ATOM; Just click on the subscribe button on the TCNE top menu
  • Ever read a Rosebuds article and have the urge to comment on it or link to it on your own blog?  Well now  you can.  TCNE has changed how we publish Rosebuds here at tcne.org so  you can comment, link or pingback.
  • If you ever wanted to share with others something you read on tcne.org well now you can!  We’ve included social sharing buttons on all new articles!

TCNE Web Content Improvements

  • More convenient calendar!   Our calendar contains all the information on events at TCNE and in the transgender community.   You can reach it by clicking over to: TCNE and Transgender Community Calendar
  • Our TG Conference List gives you quick access to many of the transgender conferences throughout the World.
  • Rosebuds articles are now on the front page and automatically indexed, so you’ll be better able to find and share  your favorites from our many authors.  Just click on the “Archives” menu option on the top menu and you’ll see a list of titles.

Supporters and Sponsors of TCNE

TCNE is grateful to our paid members, our supporters and sponsors.  You can see a few of them to the right of this article and we encourage our readers to check out our sponsors!

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