Transgender Day of Remembrance in Waltham with TCNE and First Presbyterian Church: What to Bring for a Potluck?

Over on the Pink Essence Network, we were asked what to bring to the potluck as part of the Transgender Day of Remembrance Observation TCNE is  holding with First Presbyterian Church of Waltham.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Firstly, doors open at 6:30PM
  2. Stop and Shop has a great set of ideas including a rotisserie chicken or a quiche.   You can find the whole list of their suggestions at their web site:  Stop and Shop Prepared Foods
  3. Whole Foods has a nice set of prepared foods as well to pick up and go.
  4. Got time to cook?  Think family style items like a lasagna or, as one gal noted, her “Famous Salad”.  Whatever your signature dish, feel free to bring it along.

Need directions?  Click to this Google Maps link:

Need details on what is happening?  Click to our Transgender Day of Remembrance Site

Note – The third Saturday meeting at TCNE, for November 20th only, is at First Presbyterian Church for the Transgender Day of Remembrance

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