FE11 Workshop Highlight: Driving As Yourself

One of the great rights of passage for transgender persons is not just stepping out of the closet into the open air but it’s also, driving while dressed!

It can be incredibly nerve wracking to be out that first time, presenting in your preferred gender, and then you step behind the wheel of your car and you think, “what if I get stopped”,  “what if I get into an accident”, “what if…..”  Well a million possible scenarios will run through your head and almost all of them are false. And we’ve got a workshop for that at First Event 2011!

Robert Lapointe, Esq., will help you deal with the anxiety of your first time dressed behind the wheel, what you need to be prepared, and how to handle various situations like accidents, dealing with other people, being pulled over by the police and your rights should you be ticketed or arrested for driving under the influence.

Robert Lapointe is licensed to practice law in all Courts in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts and the US Tax Court, and has represented the community in many issues.

Remember, luck favours the prepared so be prepared by registering today for First Event 2011 by clicking to our  First Event Registration Page and we’ll see you Saturday, January 22, 3:30 pm, Independence Room,  for “Driving While Dressed”.  To see the entire schedule of workshops for FE11 click to our First Event Schedule

Article Update

12/13/2010: The name of this workshop had been, “Driving While Dressed” and was changed by the First Event 2011 committee and Robert Lapointe, to better reflect that this workshop is really of interest to all participants at First Event.

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