The Importance Of a Big Sister by Christine Hochberg

At every conference I attend the best part is seeing new sisters and brothers.

You can tell who they are, because everyone has the biggest eyes. I remember one of the first time I went to an event. Yes, I was scared and really had no direction except my own.

Here I am, away from home for the first time in my female persona. I get greeted with a hug and handshake from people like me. Then two nice ladies step up to greet me. Joann Roberts and Sheila Kirk guide me along for the next few days.


My voice shook and I got emotional. They were polite, and I will never forget how they turned on to this journey. For the last 20 years I offer to be a Big Sister. The rewards are awesome, and I love to do it.

A few years ago at First Event, I will tell you about Debbie. She had no place to change and sleep. My heart went out to get her a key to my room. This had to be done! Two years ago I got a tap on my hat. Debbie gives me a hug of thanks for giving her a chance.

I look forward to seeing you all at First Event in Peabody!

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