Does Leaving a Conference Like First Event Give You the Blues?

It’s inevitable of course.  You have a HUGE buildup to First Event, you attend, learn, have fun, have MORE fun, learn alot more stuff about yourself, about others, about the Transgender Community and then you say your goodbyes and it hits you!

You feel like this letdown (coupled with total exhaustion).

Well, there’s a few articles we have here at TCNE that can help you get  your perspective and get reset for whatever it is you are doing next.

First, our own Grace Stevens (whom many of you met at First Event), has written a couple of  articles for her column, “A Touch of Grace“,  I’d like to draw your attention to.  The first is, “Living in Balance” a great article on exactly what the title says.  The second is, “Your Next Step“, an article she wrote for the First Event 2011 Program Guide, BUT, I think many of you might really benefit from reading now.

Second, I’ve written an article for my column, “Outside the Closet” entitled, “Post First Event Blues” giving you some pragmatic steps on how to deal with those down moments you might feel coming away from First Event.

Oh, still got your dancing shoes ready? Well, check our Calendar for some of what’s next and check our TG Conference List for the next conference near you.

Finally, you can consider giving back by supporting the TG Rights Action Day happening THIS Thursday here in Boston, January 27th.  Transgender rights isn’t a Republican or Democratic thing, it’s a human rights thing.  And since we are all human, we all count!

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