Special People Meet at First Event by Christine Hochberg

Every time I travel across the country, I always wonder who will be there?

First Event is no exception to the rule. What gives me a high is one word,

We are all very diverse and unique. The backgrounds and personalities all seem
to be positive. This is what gives me the desire to be a part of you in January.

For several years I had an internal debate of should I attend something so far

From day one I found all of you to be dynamic. Everyone made me feel right at
home in your home. I was thrilled to know we could get together.

Love was in the air for the people. By nature I am out-going, and this had to
make things easier.

Last spring I attended the IFGE convention in Washington D.C. This is a
different opportunity to get involved. It is more political than social.

I feel very fortunate to return every January.

Keep your heads up high and realize you are in the company of special people at
the First Event.

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