Buying A Dress by Debra Kelly

I see why when men get dragged to the mall by the girlfriend or wife when they are buying a dress is considered agony.

I had the day off for a doctor’s appt which i almost forgot about, but i found the appt card and all turned out well.

I went home and changed and went to the Natick Collections. I had on Debra classic business attire which is a black knee length skirt, and hose along with a nice pressed long sleeve red top and of course a lacy black full slip on underneath.

I poked around in Macy’s and Penny’s and did not see much that got my interest.

I went to Lord and Taylor. I saw a blue dress that interested me which had about 10 buttons. I went to the changing room and discovered one must be an acrobat to put the thing on. You would also over time develop carpel tunnel. Imagine if you hurt you’re self, putting this thing on and said to the doctor, “well i thru my back put on a dress.”

I then saw a charcoal color sweater dress. It had long sleeves and a belt, i tried it on, but a tad on the tight side, this is the type of dress you need a slip for since it would cling in the wrong or right places depending on who saw you and it would not fall right. However, since I always wear a slip, not a problem. I then went to the next bigger size and it fit much better, but the belt did not fit as nice as the size below it.

I left Lord and Taylor, I first went to Penny’s and see if they had one of those wide stretchy belts that give you the appearance of a waist, the ones they had were too tight. Macy had one, but it had no price tag.

I thought then, why don’t i go back and try the dresses on again, and switch the belts and buy it and make sure it looks good.

I went back and did that and tried them on, but my conscience got the better of me and the thought of credit card balance also convinced me.

I think I took off my clothing more today than a stripper ever does.

While dressed as Debra; i enjoy it, as Paul, what a drudge.

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