A Big Decision by Christine Hochberg

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. I was active and kept busy all the time.

As I grew older I needed to know where were other people like me. They were far between, but I found it with some difficulty.

My local groups were fun and re-warding at the time. I could write for the news letter, and take an active role.

I truly enjoyed the groups in Southern California. Something was missing and I could not figure it out.

Then I learned and heard about the Convention Circuit. This would give me an opportunity I would enjoy. I could go to places I had only seen pictures of. One of the initial choices was coming to Boston and First Event. The big decision was the right one as far as I am concerned.

First Event and Tiffany Club are always on my plate for January. I have never minded the cold or snow that you live with in the winter.

Throughout the fall and winter I always check the weather reports for New England. In 2012 I am returning for the 18th time.The friendships are great and really I enjoy your company.  It is a pleasure to travel from my home to your home. One thing is certain, I will bring a hat and smile to all.

After Boston in January, Denise from IFGE has asked me to assist at the Gold Rush / IFGE conference in Denver. In will be there to do whatever is necessary to make it better.

Life is far too short not to have fun. I hope my enthusiasm shows when I arrive.

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