First Event 2013: We’ve Only Just Begun

Our theme for First Event 2013 is We’ve Only Just Begun.

At FE12 we were honored to have Representative Carl Sciortino as our keynote speaker and he talked about the work he did in sponsoring and helping pass the Massachusetts Transgender Rights Bill. This was so exciting especially in that when we booked him it was not clear to any of as to what the outcome would be.

In fact, even though the Bill has passed, we know that there were political tradeoffs that were made and there is still much work to do for each and every one of us and our friends.

Just as our logo for FE13 shows, we are just beginning to crack out of the egg and will have to learn how to grow and become part of our own and the greater community.

I realize that our theme can mean something different to each of you. Somewhere in my family tree I am pretty sure there were a few Talmudic scholars, so let me see if I can explain what these apparently simple four words mean.

We’ve: When we say “We” it means not only all of us together but it also includes each of us as individuals. It is referring to not only the entire transgender community – which covers so many different groups, and organizations but also each person who identifies anywhere under the gender spectrum and has struggled in the binary gender system.

Only: When we say “only”, this is not limited in any manner. There is work to do for the greater community in fighting for rights and acceptance, while each individual has the work to find out what and who they authentically are, and the challenges to keep balance in their very own lives in living authentically. This is often not limited to only a single choice or decision but has many complex issues. It is used here to recognize that there is a start needed for each of us.

Just: When we say “just”, it is a message to deal with what is right there in front of us. We can learn to avoid and deny what our truth and authenticity may be. Certainly there again is the issue of balance, but it is a fact that we do not choose to be transgender. We can only choose what we do about it. Once again, this term is not limited in time or the number of events it refers to. It does mean that we are no longer hiding, but are ready to move forward.

Begun: When we say “begun”, this is not limited to an event that occurred in the past. It represents each moment in time. Every moment represents a new beginning for each of us. Whether something good or something bad has transpired, the next instant in time is an opportunity for a new beginning.

We’ve Only Just Begun. Our journeys, as a community and as individuals are always starting in each and every moment. Come to First Event 2013 and discover where you journey will take you moment to moment. You will learn about the community and hopefully you will learn more about yourself. When you take this journey, you will make a difference in the world. In fact you must!

Grace Anne Stevens
Co-Chair, First Event 2013

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