Tiffany Club Gets Out

Tiffany Club may sometimes have a closeted reputation and some believe we leave our Waltham lair just once a year for First Event. That may be changing with two upcoming events in addition to the one just past…

The Spring Bling Happening

John Warrener of Glamour Boutique ( was joined by TCNE for the first time in hosting his Spring Bling Party two weeks ago on March 15 with great success. Over 120 people attended, probably a record for John’s parties! Given January’s First Event attendance also broke records, things are looking up for the portion of our community that wants to get out at least occasionally!

Congratulations to Cha Cha who was elected Miss Spring Bling at the party, and to Tonya and Tina, who were voted as part of her court. And thank you Paula for spinning the dance music that night, while keeping the volume low enough for talk! It was a wonderful occasion for both dancing and conversation.

Girls Night Out at RCC

Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 13, when Tiffany Club will visit the Randolph Country Club for dancing and fun! RCC, 44 Mazzeo Drive, Randolph, MA,  is an alternative night club thirty minutes south of Waltham, with a long history of being trans friendly. Thank you fearless leader Paula for organizing this!

We will meet at the Tiffany Club in Waltham, which will be open from 6:00 to about 8:30 for those who want to dress or car pool. Then we will meet at RCC in Randolph to dance the night away. Or at least until their extra late 2:00 am closing time. They have DJ’s, live entertainment and a bar outside by a large swimming pool, although it might not be warm enough for that yet. There is usually a cover charge.

The “Friends of RCC” group also meets that night, so we may meet other girls like ourselves who regularly attend the Randolph Country Club. If you are looking to go out to a public venue for the first time or have been out before but looking for a new club, please join us!

Summer Sizzler Party

On Friday, June 14, Glamour Boutique, 850 Southbridge Street, Auburn, MA, along with Tiffany Club, will co-sponsor our first annual summer party. Due to the overwhelming success of our Spring Bling event, we are having a SUMMER SIZZLER PARTY from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am at the same fabulous Indian Meadows Country Club facility in Westborough.

To celebrate the arrival of summer, John Warrener is urging participants to wear their hottest outfits. As usual, prizes will be awarded, this time for the most sultry as judged by fellow attendees. And as usual, the indomitable Paula Howard will be on hand with dance music!

It should be a night to remember, so make your plans now to attend. E-mail John at to reserve and pay $10 at the door. Those without reservations will pay $15.

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