Membership Feedback

The new Tiffany Club Board of Directors met on Friday, August 30, 2013 and plans to meet more regularly in coming months, both at the club and virtually via e-mail. Club leadership remains the same: Paula Howard (Chair), Mechelle Ziff (Vice-Chair), and Grace Stevens (Treasurer). Grace, who was already serving as Treasurer, has rejoined the Board along with new members Jamie Hart and Stacey C.

We would like to be better connected with TCNE membership, collecting feedback and proposals from club membership and letting you know of ideas and plans for the future. There is a new permanent <a href=”/?page_id=44″><strong>Membership Feedback</strong></a> page under the “About Us” menu for club leadership news and feedback.

<span style=”color: #444444; line-height: 1.7;”>If you as a Tiffany Club member have an opinion, idea or problem, let us know!</span>

<strong>Please email your feedback to: <a href=””></a></strong>
We all agree the clubhouse could use a little sprucing up. Mechelle and Andrea Ziff are organizing a “Beautification Committee” to look into the options and cost for redecorating. All club members are welcome to help with this effort. <strong>Contact Andrea at: <a href=””></a></strong>

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