Tiffany’s Closet Fire Sale – March 15

Tiffany Closet’s famed Fire Sale is happening Saturday, March 15, from noon to 11 pm at the clubhouse.

We have lots of items – all sizes – casual to formal – dresses, suits, skirts, tops, pants…shoes, wigs, accessories, lingerie, ladies and men’s items, everything you can think of. Loads of sexy high heels too – sizes 9-15!

Most items are $15 for a plastic grocery bag full of whatever you can put in it. A few items are priced individually – gowns and a few designer items, jewelry and some shoes. Come down and see what we have. We’ll bring the bags – you stuff them.

So come down to Tiffany Club, Saturday, March 15, from 12 noon to late evening and find yourself a new wardrobe – at a BARGAIN price!

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