Jessica Garabedian

GarabedianMy heart is very heavy as I write this …

My good friend Jessica Garabedian passed away late Wednesday night at her home after succumbing to a heart attack.

I had no idea until I was just going to bed and I received an e-mail telling me the bad news. Needless to say I was in shock and quickly saddened. I’m still in shock and can’t wrap my head around this.

Jessica, AKA Temptress, was one of the nicest people I knew…. She had a big heart, very witty and very supportive of people. We had many great conversations. She would just call me out of the blue and ask me how I was doing and discuss her next idea for a photo shoot.

She always invited me to everything she did. I know she touched many people and so many people loved her. She was one of a kind and will be greatly missed.
I am so glad I was able to know her and call her my friend. She was more than just a client of mine. I enjoyed every photo shoot we did and all the fun conversations leading up to them.

Rest in peace Jessica.

This is a copy of a Facebook post with Stuart Smith’s photo.

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