John Warrener

JohnWarrenerAs most of you already know John Warrener passed away on Friday morning June 19th.

The moment I heard of his passing I started remembering some of the things I shared with this wonderful man!

When we had our Christmas Party last year at the club, I received an email from John, asking me if we needed a Santa Claus . Naturally I said yes! He said okay I’m your Santa Claus. If I feel well enough I’ll be there but don’t tell anybody! So I just said in our Christmas Party Promotion, we might have a special  visit  from someone that evening and left it art that.

About 9:30 at our House Party Santa Claus came marching in yelling HO HO HO! Needless to say John was the hit of the party! He drove all the way from Sturbridge to do this! After his arrival he had to sit down for a while because he was weak from the chemo treatments!

At First Event John and I were walking toward the restaurant and while we were walking he takes his cell phone out of his pocket and pretended he was dialing it. I knew he wasn’t and he started ordering food, a bottle of wine, etc and he said, bill it to Paula Howard! We both laughed.

I will miss John very much but my memories of him will always be with me!

John, it was a pleasure to have known you!

Put in a good word for me!

Love, Paula
TCNE Chairperson

John Warrener, recipient of a First Event 2015 Community Service Award, opened one of the first transgender oriented web sites in 1996. It soon grew to include a brick and mortar store in Auburn, Massachusetts and eventually expanded to include a Glamour Boutique in Las Vegas and Studio City, CA. For decades, Glamour Boutique has been the go-to resource for transgender women requiring cross dressing advice, clothing and services, especially those new to the community. In 2007 he sold the web site and after a five year non-compete opened a second online vendor in 2012, From shoes to wigs, John supplied generations of transwomen both locally and nationally. His retail store remains open, still located in Auburn, MA. For more history see

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