First Event 2016 Announces Workshop Schedule

First Event 2016 Transgender ConferenceFirst Event 2016 Transgender Conference has announced the schedule of workshops.  This year we have 150 total workshops spanning an INCREDIBLE number of  topics!  Here is a sample, but the full schedule is at our First Event 2016 Schedule of Workshops here.

Thursday, January 21, 2016 Workshops:

  • “About Face – Sharing the Alchemy of Makeup”, Thursday, 1PM
  • “Building a Support System to Follow Your Dreams and Aid in a Successful Transition Both Personally and Professionally” Thursday, 10AM
  • Whose Life Are You Living?”  Thursday, 10AM
  • So much more on the Thursday List for 2016 Workshops!

Friday, January 22, 2016 Workshops:

  • “Workplace Survival: A Panel Discussion”, Friday,  10AM,
  • “Partners in Process: A Support Group for Spouses Only”, Friday, 10AM
  • “Being Trans* and Aging: A Workshop For Trans Elders And Their Allies”  Friday, 1PM
  • “Coming out to Children, Spouses, and Family as Transgender”, Friday, 11:30AM
  • So much more at the Friday List for First Event 2016 Workshops!

Saturday, January 23, 2016 Workshops:

  • “Transgender and the Hair Removal Process (Laser and Electrolysis)”, Saturday 10AM
  • “Female to Male Top Surgery”, Saturday, 10AM
  • “About Face – Sharing the Alchemy of Makeup”, Saturday, 1PM
  • “Chest Wall Reconstruction / Breast Surgery”, Saturday, 4PM
  • So much more at the Saturday List for First Event 2016 Workshops!

See all the workshops at the First Event Schedule Page

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