Time is Running Out on a Discount for First Event 2016 Registration

Time is running out for a discount to join First Event 2016 First Event 2016 Final Discount Expires On December 31!

Just a more reminder that the final 5% discount for registering to FE16 will expire on Thursday 12/31/16.

Here is step by step instruction guide for registration –

You can also see a 1:30 video “HowTo” walking you through registration at this link: Video How To on Registering for FE16

Step 1:  Click to First Event 2016

Step 2:  On the top blue menu, click on the orange login button at the far right hand side of the top

Step 3:  You will come to a web page that says “welcome to First Event 2016, Please Login to Begin”

Step 4:  If this is your first time registering or logging in, then please enter your email address

Step 5:  On the next screen you will see buttons, one says “create an account” the other says “I forgot my account info”  Click on “create an Account”

Step 6:  On the next screen you’ll see a short form that will ask for your preferred email address, preferred first and last name. There are fields for city, state and zip code that we would like you to fill out but are not mandatory.

Step 7:  Your next screen shows that your new account has been set up and gives  you your password.  You will also see a big blue button to click to officially login.  Click on the big blue button to login

Step 8:  You will finally reach the event registration page, on this page you will see four blue buttons, You want to click on the third blue on the left hand side of the page, “My Conference Registration Information button” to fully login and register for your choices.

Step 9: Select a program from the Blue bullets on the top Note the general program is labelled Individual/Couple If you are a couple you can register for 1 person at a time- comp;let the first person, then go back and add the second person as part of a couple)

Step 10: Elect a package: FULL CONFERENCE; Fri-Sun; or A la carte.

Step 11.IF you choose full or Fri-Sat you can also ad on a la carte items now.

Step 12: Continue to your shopping card by clicking where the payment info box is

Step 13: You will be asked about donations and if you want to join TCNE or have a member discount code

Step 14: Make payment : via Paypal (recommended) or via check

Your registration is not completed until we receive payment.

If anyone has any questions or needs help drop us mail at info@firstevent.org or info@tcne.org or drop a message to us in the FB group or FB Page

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