FtM Program at First Event 2016

FtM Program at First Event 2016First Event’s Transmasculine,, FtM Program is a set of workshops specifically for the men attending First Event Transgender Conference. Over the course of 2 days and 22 workshops that include top and bottom surgery “show and tell” workshops, medical options, masculine identify formation and much more. You’ll meet other guys, make friends and connections and grow in this series of workshops at #FE16.

Here is a list of the workshops for the FtM attendees, for all details, please visit the First Event Friday and Saturday schedule.   Click Here to Register!  Here’s a “howto” video to show you step by step how to register.

Friday Transmasculine Program, Workshop Subjects (see schedule details by clicking to FE16 Friday Here)

Time Friday Workshop Titles for FtM
09:00A FtM Gender Confirmation Surgery: A Single Surgeon’s 15 Year Experience
11:30A Gender Surgeries and Psychology – Blending the Two
11:30A Show Me Your Package (STP and Packers)
11:30A Masculinity and the Trans Masculine Person
01:00P Reponses of Organized Religion to Transgender People
01:00P Below the Belt 101: Lower Surgery Options for Female Assigned at Birth Individuals
01:00P Trans Men
02:30P Below the Belt Part 2: Show and Tell
02:30P HIV/STI Risk Reduction Session for FtM spectrum individuals
02:30P Legal and Practical Issues in Transitioning on the Job – for Lawyers and Non-lawyers
04:00P New Directions in Surgical Gender Confirmation for FtMs

Saturday Transmasculine Program (see schedule details by clicking to FE16 Saturday Here)

Time Saturday Workshop Titles for FtM
09:00A What is Masculinity?
10:00A Female to Male Top Surgery
10:00A FtM Gender Confirming Surgeries – World Class Techniques
10:00A GYN Care for Transgender Patients
01:00P FtM Chest Surgery Show and Tell
01:00P FtM Top and Bottom Surgery: Surgical Options to Obtain Natural Results in a One-Stage Procedure
02:30P Female to Male Surgical Options: Genital, Chest, Revisions/Repairs, Facial Masculinization and Body Contouring
02:30P Finding Masculinity: Female To Male Transition In Adulthood, Book Reading and Discussion
04:00P Chest Wall Reconstruction / Breast Surgery
04:00P Gentlemen’s Attire 101: How to Tie a Tie and Other Necessary Skills
04:00P What Makes Us Men? Owning and Dismantling Stereotypes of Masculinity

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