Huffington Post Addresses Transgender Children Who Are Disowned

The Huffington Post recently ran an  Op Ed piece entitled, “Did You Disown Your Trans Child”.  It is a moving post penned by Lisa Severn where she talks about rejecting a child who is transgender, what would motivate such an action, and that often it is the parents who have rejected the child whose hearts need to change.   You can read the full article at the Huffington Post here.

About 4 years ago Joanne Herman about 4 years earlier also published at Huffington Post on this topic, her piece, “When Parents Reject Their Transgender Child” looks at the same topic as Ms. Severns, but from the angle of the stories of 50 transgender teenagers who were rejected from their families.  These real life stories are heart breaking.  You can read Joanne’s piece at the Huffington post here.

But what if you are a parent struggling to accept your child who is transgender?  There are some great resources available.  First, on January 23rd and 24th at First Event Transgender Conference, there is a special track that addresses just this topic, click this link to learn more:   Transgender Child, Youth and Family Track at First Event 2016.

Second, it has been shown through research that parents and families who are accepting of their transgender child increase their child’s health, sense of well being, and opportunity for success in life – simply by being accepting of their child.  For some parents, this can be a real challenge due to religious, cultural or deeply held beliefs.  For parents who are open to input, we’d like to suggest two resources.   First is this brief from Georgetown University, “Helping Families Support Their Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Children”  Click here to get your PDF copy for no registration, it is free.  Second, the Family Acceptance Project has a great website with excellent resources and help, click here to reach the Family Acceptance Project.   Boston has the excellent Greater Boston PFLAG with outstanding resources to help families as well, reach them at this link Greater Boston PFLAG.

Finally, this video from Ken Garber, a Dad who’s child was transgender, shows, from a Dad’s perspective, what acceptance of your transgender child is about:

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