Naming Ceremony at Transgender Conference Gives Dignity To Those Living Authentically

Naming Ceremony at First Event 2016 Transgender ConferenceNaming ceremonies are special times.  According to Wikipedia a naming ceremony is:

“A naming ceremony is the event at which an infant, a youth, or an adult is given a name or names. The timing can vary from mere days after birth to several months or many years afterwards. Some of these ceremonies have religious or cultural significance.”

Our names are important and have significance and at First Event we want to honor YOUR name with a naming ceremony.

Our ceremony is being led by Riley Chattin, an Anglican with encounters in Buddhist, Jewish Mysticism, Wiccan, Pagan and Hindu practices. In 2014, after receiving training during a Clinical Pastoral Education unit, I began serving as a Spiritual Director.

There are many ways that different spiritualities honor names and the journey to accompany them. To continue with honoring our path and honoring all parts of our life, a name anointing ceremony can be done for and by anyone. It is a ceremony of honor and respect. It can also make our name and path our own.

In looking in history and back at other cultures who have used name anointing ceremonies, it often is after a vision quest or something similar. The journey we have as transgender and genderqueer individuals is not unlike a vision quest. However, the fact that we enter into a place of self discovery and self actualization we can use the process of transition to continually strive to transition into a more evolved self.

One of the ways to honor and embrace our self evolution is to anoint our name as our own and honor our journey. In that we are accepting our path and striving to seek the most out of our lives. Before continuing to the ceremonial part, for those who wish to be anointed and those who want to provide support there will be a question and answer. Each person will be given a piece of paper to write their name on it as they want to be anointed. On the back to write their birth name and three positive qualities they want to carry on with them in life. That will remain private as they hold up the paper, only showing the name they are anointing for everyone to see, so each participant can also see their good qualities. Then there will be a responsive reading before each anointing. Each individual anointing their name will be anointed using water and Frankincense oil. Then a closing of the ceremony.

Join us at First Event Transgender Conference, Thursday January 21, at 2:30PM to honor yourself and your journey!  Click here to read more on the Thursday Schedule.

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