Support for Spouses and Partners with a Transgender Partner

Partners in Process at Spouse Support at First Event Transgender Conference In so many cases the non-transgender partners and spouses of transgender men and women are left in the dark as their wife, husband or partner starts to understand and then embrace their own truth on being transgender. It doesn’t matter if the transgender partner is part-time, full-time or some-time – their partner, whether straight, bi, gay or lesbian is often wondering:

  • What is going on?
  • Why is this happening now?
  • What will happen to me?
  • What will happen to our kids?
  • What will happen to us – what happened to the love of my life?

There’s alot of questions and First Event 2016 has some help in store
with our PiP Program: Partners in Process.

Whether you are married or partnered to an FtM, MtF, be they
crossdressers, transexual or genderqueer, TCNE’s Partners in Process
Program is designed to help you get answers to your questions, find
resources to help, build friendships to encourage you, hear you, and make sure you know – you are NOT alone!

There is no additional fee for PiP, it’s a part of First Event and it is
only for the partners of trans-persons.

Here are some of the great programs part of PIP this year at First Event

Thursday January 21  (click for more info on
09:00AM PIP Spouse Meet and Greet
10:00AM Spouse Sanctuary (10am – 4pm)
01:00PM Spouse Only Support Group

Friday January 22 (click for more info on
10:00AM Relationships with Family & Friends – Spouse only support group
10:00AM Spouse Sanctuary (10 am – 4 pm)
11:30AM Outside Appearances and Inner Realities – Spouse Only Support
01:00PM Guilt, Shame, and Fear: Confronting the Emotional Legacy of
02:30PM Lipstick Wars, Wives of Crossdressers – Spouse only support
04:00PM New Directions and Lifestyle Decisions: Asexual, Divorce,
Polyamory, and Others

Saturday January 23 (click for more info on
10:00AM OMG, My partner is Trans, Now what? – Spouse only support
10:00AM Spouse Sanctuary (10 am – 4 pm)
10:00AM Still Crazy after all these years, Longtime Spouse support
group – Spouses only support
11:30AM The Political is Personal: Lesbian Partners of TMs support
group – Spouse only support
01:00PM Issues with Trans Couples: Terms of Endearment – PIP
02:30PM Couples on Intimacy: Where Do We Go from Here? – PIP
03:00PM PiP Tea
04:00PM Couples on Intimacy (continues) – (PiP)

You can register at the links above at or
please contact us at

Click Here to Learn More about First Event 2016 Transgender Conference

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