10 Tips for Safe and Easy Wig Travel

I'm Hot Studios at First Event Transgender Conference 2016It’s the final hour before you leave the house for First Event 2016

You’re juggling a dual game of “Beat the Clock” and “Check Off the Pack List.”

While staring at your stuffed suitcase, you ask yourself, ‘Is there anything else I have to bring?’

Enter. . .the jolt of memory jog.

‘Wait, wait. . .the hair! I can’t forget the hair!’

No, you cannot forget the hair. A complete look includes a dazzling ‘do!

So how do you bundle your cherished “girls” while keeping them intact, protected and sitting pretty while you jet-set?

Here are ten in-transit tips to globe-trot with:

1) Zip It Good. Keep all liquids/creams in their own SEALED or zipped bags. Most likely you packed these in the stowed away luggage to dodge the TSA hassle. If they are banked in the same baggage as your wig, seal them in a zip-lock bag. You don’t need a liquid leak or product explosion all over your awesome tresses.

2) Static Free. Spray a little Static Guard into the box (BEFORE adding the wig) to eliminate the dreaded suspended hairs.

3) Sock It. Roll a couple CLEAN pairs of socks and place along the inside cap crown. This gives the hairstyle a rounded shape while stored (and saves packing space :).

4) Net n’ Fold. Cover the locks with a hairnet (top to bottom). Fold and roll the length of the hair, into the inside of the cap. Place on it’s side.

5) Wig in a Box. It’s an easy last minute method–cramma-jammin’ your hair in a plastic grocery bag and squeezing it into the carry-on. Take time to pack your weave in a shoe box or the box from the manufacturer. If it’s going into the large luggage, pack it first so you have clothing ONLY stacked on top of it. The clothing provides cushion without being too heavy (if you’re not crushing it). The box allows your mane to keep it’s shape.

6) Hotel Hangin’. Use the hotel coat hangers (if you forgot a portable wig stand). This overlooked tool allows you to wash your weave at night and link the hook through a weft or strap. Hang in the shower to drip/dry overnight. This passes a flow-through of air to dry the cap. These are easy to flop your fibers on at the end of the day. The wig will be fine draping upside down overnight.

7) Carry-On. Warm weather makes the plane quite toasty. Box and bring your wig in the carry-on bag. Checked bag storage is hot during the summer months. Constant heat shortens the life of human and synthetic hair fiber.

8) Be Up Front. Let your “girl” ride passenger during those long distance summer jaunts. She will prefer the air conditioning versus the stuffy, hot trunk. Again, lingering heat wears down human and synthetic strands.

9) Cool Comfort. Tote your tresses into the refreshingly cool A/C of your hotel room during those summer sleepovers. Sweltering summer temperatures damage your wiggy wefts.

10) Ready-to-Go. Have your wig cleaned, de-matted (if necessary) and styled BEFORE your trip (especially if it’s synthetic). This saves styling time which means MORE time outside, enjoying your vacation.

Now you are armed and set to conquer that loaded luggage and arrive to any destination ready-to-wear, your perfectly coiffed hair. Happy trails and tresses!

[This article courtesy of I’m Hot Studio in Amesbury MA)

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