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Register Early for First Event

Join us next January 23-27 for the premier transgender conference of the season! Prices and registration by mail-in form are now available on the web site. We plan to have automated on-line registration up and running by September 1. Some activities are limited so please register early to guarantee your spot. Visit the First Event Registration page for details and the mail-in form.

Remember to also reserve your room at the Peabody Marriott. Discounted room rates are only $110.00 per night when you reserve using this link! Rooms are now available. Last year the hotel nearly sold out Saturday night, so reserve early. Click this link to book a room during First Event.

Please help us spread the word about First Event 2013 by reminding your friends where to be next January. Proceeds from First Event benefit the Tiffany Club and allow us to provide support and resources for the transgender community year round. Visit the new First Event 2013 web site at either or

Transgender Conference TransMaculine Track Coordinator Needed for First Event 2013

Tiffany Club and the organizing committee of the transgender conference First Event 2013(held January 23-27, 2013) are looking for someone to coordinate the TransMaculine Track of programming. Specifically, we need someone who can:- Reach out to the transmasculine community to generate workshop leads
– Work with the Workshop Coordinator to schedule workshops of the Transmasculine Track
– Promote the Transmasculine Track program on social media
– Help grow the Transmasculine Track, both in terms of number of attendees and types of workshops/presentations
– Work with others on the FE13 team as a member of the organizing committee for the conference
– Strong computer skills would be a huge asset.
-Be available throughout the conference to handle any issues with the Transmasculine Track that might arise.

We offer compensation for the FE13 conference which includes:
– Hotel lodging for up to 4 nights
– Breakfast, except for Saturday morning
– All FE13 event admissions – workshops, dinners on Fri & Sat, shows,etc..
– Sunday Brunch

Interested parties should contact Andrea at

First Event 2013 Transgender Conference, January 23-27th

First Event 2013 is being held at the Boston Marriott Peabody, MA on January 23-27th 2013..

Our theme this year? We’ve Only Just Begun!

We’ll be posting updates here in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

First Event 2012 Will Have Rooms To Change

If you are attending First Event 2012 and need a place to change clothing in, we’ll have three spaces for you:

  • We will have 2 changing rooms available (regular hotel rooms) – 1 for the girls and 1 for the guys.
  • In addition, Saturday from 9 am – 5 pm we’ll have a room on the 2nd floor to use as a fitting room for the consignment shop.

Just ask at the registration desk and we’ll get you all set!

Day of Beauty and Wellness on Thursday, January 19, at First Event 2012

You read the head line right!  First Event will be having a Day of Beauty and Wellness on Thursday, January 19th at First Event 2012.    The day of beauty and wellness includes:  mini-manicure,  massage, accupressure, wardrobe consult, acupuncture, wig styling, makeovers and more.  Click to the following link to read the full story: Day of Beauty and Wellness at First Event 2012

Hotel Rooms STILL Available at First Event 2012 – Read This If You Can’t Reserve A Room

If you are trying to book a room for First Event this weekend, please do NOT do it through Marriott Corporate or online.   Read on to read WHY and to learn what to do in order to get a discount.

There’s been a problem with the booking code and Marriott 800-line reservations are mistakenly telling people who First Event 2012 is sold out.

First Event 2012 does have great attendance numbers but the event is NOT SOLD OUT – we have plenty of rooms available for all nights!

To book a room during First Event, either call the Peabody Marriott directly at 978-977-9700 or email First Evenet 2012 Team Member Andrea at or call her at 617-872-5845 and you will be able to book at the conference rate of $110 per night.

We are VERY Sorry for the inconvenience. Everything will be ironed out by Marriott  on Monday morning.

Looking forward to seeing everyone AT First Event 2012!

First Event 2012 Consignment Shop Renamed: Tiffany’s Closet!


First Event 2012 Workshop Program Schedule Posted

If you’ve been wondering which speaker is presenting when at First Event 2012 well wonder no more! Our First Event 2012 Workshop Schedule has been published. You can see it at this link:

Pricing for First Event 2012 is on our registration form.

Register online or via our registration form here:

(Advance purchase discount of up to 14% ends on 1/12/2012 )

FE11 Workshop Highlight: FTM Mastectomy & Centurion Reconstruction

One of the first surgeries that FTM clients typically undergo is removal of breast tissue to create a male chest, commonly referred to as “top surgery”. Various procedures are available, most common being bilateral simple mastectomy with free nipple grafts, designed for clients who have both excess skin and breast tissue.  Urogenital reconstruction of the bottom region is aimed at addressing: elimination of the vaginal canal, construction of a new penis (neophallus) and scrotum with testicular implants (scrotoplasty with implants), and urinary hookup. Clients may elect to address some or all of these issues. Procedures for bottom surgery tend to fall into two categories: phalloplasty procedures and metoidioplasty procedures. The “Centurion procedure” was developed at the American Institute For Plastic Surgery in an effort to enhance the existing metoidioplasty. A standard metoidioplasty creates a neophallus by performing a “clitoral release.” The resulting neophallus is limited to the existing length and girth of the hormone-enlarged clitoral gland. The Centurion procedure enhances the girth of the neophallus by re-routing the round ligaments into the neophallus to add bulk to the neophallus. These surgical techniques will be discussed with photographs of the results.

Dr. Peter Raphael, board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, is a graduate of the University of Dallas. He received his medical degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. After Dr. Raphael completed his general surgery training at Methodist Medical Center in Dallas, he chose to enhance skills at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, in microsurgery research.  Upon completion of this training, Dr. Raphael accepted a Fellowship in Plastic Surgery at the University of Illinois/Cook County Hospital, in Chicago Illinois and afterward entered into private practice specializing in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Plano, Texas

Register today for First Event 2011 by clicking to our  First Event Registration Page and we’ll see you Saturday, January 22, 10:30 am, in the Salon A for “FTM Mastectomy & Centurion Reconstruction”.  For the whole list of night time activities for FE11, click to the First Event Entertainment.

First Event 2011 Decades Dance: The 40’s

  • Are you ready for the FE11 Decades Dance?
  • Have you chosen your decade?
  • Do you have the rythm and look and style to dance with the 40’s?
  • Would you like to have a chance to win upto $275?

First Event 2011 Decade’s Dance, January 20th, 7PM, Boston Marriott Peabody

Register today for First Event 2011 by clicking to our  First Event Registration Page and we’ll see you Thursday, January 20, 7:00 pm, Boston Marriott Peabody  for “First Event 2011 Decade’s Dance”.  For the whole list of night time activities for FE11, click to the First Event Entertainment.