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Our Journeys

Hello everyone, and welcome to my little corner of Rosebuds!  I am looking forward to sharing some of my thoughts and ideas about both the challenges and the rewards of undertaking each of our journeys to accept and express our authentic selves.

On our journeys, we will enjoy gains and we will suffer losses.  We will meet people along the way who may stay for a moment or may become long time companions.  Our lives become intertwined with others and hopefully as we travel along our journey we cause no harm to ourselves or others.

Some of you may have heard of Joseph Campbell and his famous statement to “Follow Your Bliss.”  He explains that your bliss is being authentic, and that when one is authentic the world will provide for the authentic person.   More likely than not, you either are or have been searching for a way to help you find and express your authentic self.  The Tiffany Club is a place where if you have any feeling of gender variance of any sort, you can come, talk, meet people, and freely express yourself.  Most important is that it is a place where you can come to grow, and in a safe environment, help you find your bliss!

There is another famous saying that I personally subscribe to:

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