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How to apply eyeliner from Makeup Geek TV

Marlena of Makeup GeekTV explains the different types of eyeliners as well as how to apply them.  8 minutes of information and instruction to help your eyes show their best!   How to Apply Eyeliner

Transgender at Work: Two Stories from Gendervision

As transgender people work towards fair and equal protection of their right to work, at both state and federal levels, many grapple with the realities of being singled out for mistreatment in the workplace. Ethan St. Pierre, former police officer & security supervisor, and female-to-male transsexual talks about his experience of being harassed and fired simply because of his gender. Alishia Ouelette, firefighter and male-to-female transsexual talks about her experience as a firefighter in Danvers, where she remains on the job after undergoing intense public scrutiny.  Transgender at work from Gendervision.

Entertainment Tonight’s Transgender Summit Panel Discussion with Donna Rose & Alexis Arquette

This is the Weekend Edition compilation of the 3-part ET Transgender Summit Series broadcast on Entertainment Tonight in May 2007.  Panel discussion on being trans featuring Donna Rose, Alexis Arquette and others.  ET Transgender Summit.

How to Apply Nail Polish

Applying nail polish can be a messy adventure.  Sometimes you apply it too thick; sometimes it clumps up; sometimes you get so frustrated and late you just wipe it off and decide you’ll spend $25 at a nail salon.  Video Jug’s 5 minute how to video can help you apply nail polish like a pro!  How To Apply Nail Polish.

Gina Lance of TG Life interviews TG Recording Artist, Kelly Mantle

Gina Lance, author and Editor in Chief of TG Life, interviews transgender recording artist Kelly Mantle. This 7 minute interview delves into Kelly’s career and history and offers advice to other transgender men and women considering launching a career in the arts as themselves. You can see the complete interview at Gina Lance interview of Kelly Mantle.

How to Apply Makeup for Crossdressers

Katie Ann shows you how to apply makeup!  A nice 8 minute introductory video for our readers just before First Event 2010.  You can see her video by clicking to: Makeup for Crossdressers

Everything You Need to Know about Bra Fitting

Her Room is a woman owned business specializing in lingerie and other clothing.  And they do a great job teaching you how to get your bra just right!  Click to this link to learn everything you need to know about bra fitting: Bra Fitting Instruction.

Building a Capsule Wardrobe for Women

Ever look in  your closet and think, “I have NOTHING to wear”?   And this despite your latest shopping spree hustling home with an armful of cute tops and fancy skirts?  Well, that just means you need a fashion411 and a return to the pleasures of a simple wardrobe that you can mix and match and style quickly and beautifully.  You need a capsule wardrobe!   Here we offer a series of videos from Expert Village on How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe.  Visit this link at You Tube for the first video: “What is a Capsule Women’s Wardrobe“, or visit this link for the entire series, “A Women’s Capsule Wardrobe Video Series on YouTube

Falling in Love with a Transgender Man

“After years of relationships that never seemed to fit, Allison Cooper finally met her match. And he was nothing—nothing—like she’d imagined.”  And so with that start to this story from Oprah Magazine, you’ll read about a wonderful love story that also tells the story of a trans-man, how people relate to him, and how his love must deal with her own fears for him while navigating communication with others about her new love.  Read the story here at Oprah: Falling In Love with a Transgender Man

Club Femme Review by Paula and Rebecca

[update: ClubFemme is currently NOT at Westboro, join their Yahoo Group for updates: ]

Paula and Rebecca attended Club Femme, Westoboro, MA,  Friday night, 5/14, and it was fun.   It is held the second Friday of the month. It was better than what we expected.  Here’s our thoughts:

  • Easy to find location
  • Excellent signs as you drive into the parking lot so you know where to park and walk to. This is a good thing otherwise you’d get lost
  • Very safe parking lot that could use more lighting

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