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Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition’s June 2010 Newsletter

In June’s MTPC newsletter they cover important topics such as:

  • An open invitation to join MTPC during their Boston Pride March
  • Opportunities to volunteer with MTPC at Pride
  • Some highlighted trans-welcoming events at Boston Pride

Read all about it at their newsletter here:  MTPC June Newsletter

Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition’s May 2010 Newsletter

In May’s MTPC newsletter they cover topics such as:

  • Massachusetts H1728/S1687 Transgender Civil Rights Bill update
  • Open invitation to join MTPC at Boston Pride
  • MTPC’s monthly calendar

There’s alot more too so go have a read at MTPC’s May Newsletter

Re-broadcast of Tyra Banks January 27th show on Transgender Children

Tyra Banks has covered transgender people a good deal on her talk show.  In this edition, re-broadcast here on Rosebuds via a link to the Trans Youth Family Allies, she has a guest panel of parents of transgender children, the children themselves, a physician and a minister.  Please click to the following link to see this show: Tyra Banks Show on Transgender Children

Juli Owens First Event 2008 Keynote: “Choices”

An update on Juli…..
Juli was one of our most dynamic and beloved keynotes.   Her messaged challenged many of us to live beyond ourselves and to accept ourselves.  Since being our FE08 Keynote, Juli and her partner Barbara, who is fully supportive of Juli, met with New York Governor David Patterson in April 2009.  Juli is now a Board member of the NY State Pride Agenda, a statewide LGBT organization that is fighting for LGBT rights, and the Board members were invited to the Executive Mansion.  Juli was the 2009 Grand Marshall of the Long Island Pride Parade in  June and Juli also received the Long Island Outlook Magazine’s 2009 Activist of the Year Award last January.  Finally, Juli and her partner Barbara will be joining us all for First Event 2010 to present a workshop on “Living a Dual Gendered Life”.

Her keynote from FE08….
Thank you for that wonderful intro…..

Ok, I’d like everyone to stand up if you can.  Hit it Mr. DJ.  Let’s get everyone moving and get the blood flowing.  Shake your booty or at least rattle your jewelry!

OK, whoever needs a drink…go now.  I’ll start slow so you can catch up!

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