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Interview with new author Lisa Gayle on her book, “Emerald Spirit” – part 1

Lisa Gayle is both beautiful and funny. An upstate NY resident and a proud parent, she helps to bring the Erie Gala Transgender Conference to life every year in Erie PA. She’s also a budding author with a new book that explores questions of gender and life transition, immortality and facing realities as a woman she could have never considered as a man. I caught up with Ms. Gayle for coffee and a chat about her new book, “Emerald Spirit”.  Ms. Gayle may be contacted at

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Interview with new author Lisa Gayle on her book, “Emerald Spirit” – part 2

Lisa Gayle is the author of “Emerald Spirit”, a new book exploring themes around gender and life transition, immortality and facing realities as a woman. Yesterday, in part 1, we covered a little about “Emerald Spirit’s” main character and a little about Lisa herself. In part 2, Lisa and I will be chatting about Lisa’s favorite scenes from her book, how her friend got her motivated, and what’s next for Lisa?

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Trans Civil Rights Lobby Day: Roundtable with Michelle, Paula & Rebecca; The Unlikely Activists

An Act Relative to Gender-Based Discrimination and Hate Crimes” has been re-introduced for the 2009 legislative session in the House by Representative Carl Sciortino and Representative Byron Rushing (HB 1728) and in the Senate by Senator Benjamin Downing (S.1687).

Back on April 7th, 2009 MTPC led a lobby day that had large attendance and many key speakers. To say it was a moving experience is an understatement. While the facts of the story have been covered at Pam’s House Blend, on a post at MTPC, on a post at the Interfaith Coalitions Website, and finally at Boston’s Bay Window article here, what about putting another face to the story? Well, that’s just what Michelle, Paula and Rebecca did, while enjoying salad and calzone together after the lobby day. Let’s listen in to their discussion; the results may enlighten you to a more human side of this story:

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It’s almost like you forget what it’s like to be hugged when you come out as transgender.

For me that was a loss.

I had always been kinda touchy feely. I loved hugging people in church and welcoming them in. Such a nice thing to do. Nothing says “Jesus loves you” like a warm human accepting you unconditionally and hugging you.  When it was unclear what I was to my fellow parishoners, my soft hugs were met with a more professional, “at a distance” kind of “thing”. Not quite a hug and not quite a put off. More ambiguous than that. Oh well. Jesus was in there someplace I’m sure but I darn missed that hug!

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