Naming Ceremony at Transgender Conference Gives Dignity To Those Living Authentically

Naming Ceremony at First Event 2016 Transgender ConferenceNaming ceremonies are special times.  According to Wikipedia a naming ceremony is:

“A naming ceremony is the event at which an infant, a youth, or an adult is given a name or names. The timing can vary from mere days after birth to several months or many years afterwards. Some of these ceremonies have religious or cultural significance.”

Our names are important and have significance and at First Event we want to honor YOUR name with a naming ceremony.

Our ceremony is being led by Riley Chattin, an Anglican with encounters in Buddhist, Jewish Mysticism, Wiccan, Pagan and Hindu practices. In 2014, after receiving training during a Clinical Pastoral Education unit, I began serving as a Spiritual Director.

There are many ways that different spiritualities honor names and the journey to accompany them. To continue with honoring our path and honoring all parts of our life, a name anointing ceremony can be done for and by anyone. It is a ceremony of honor and respect. It can also make our name and path our own.

In looking in history and back at other cultures who have used name anointing ceremonies, it often is after a vision quest or something similar. The journey we have as transgender and genderqueer individuals is not unlike a vision quest. However, the fact that we enter into a place of self discovery and self actualization we can use the process of transition to continually strive to transition into a more evolved self.

One of the ways to honor and embrace our self evolution is to anoint our name as our own and honor our journey. In that we are accepting our path and striving to seek the most out of our lives. Before continuing to the ceremonial part, for those who wish to be anointed and those who want to provide support there will be a question and answer. Each person will be given a piece of paper to write their name on it as they want to be anointed. On the back to write their birth name and three positive qualities they want to carry on with them in life. That will remain private as they hold up the paper, only showing the name they are anointing for everyone to see, so each participant can also see their good qualities. Then there will be a responsive reading before each anointing. Each individual anointing their name will be anointed using water and Frankincense oil. Then a closing of the ceremony.

Join us at First Event Transgender Conference, Thursday January 21, at 2:30PM to honor yourself and your journey!  Click here to read more on the Thursday Schedule.

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Support for Spouses and Partners with a Transgender Partner

Partners in Process at Spouse Support at First Event Transgender Conference In so many cases the non-transgender partners and spouses of transgender men and women are left in the dark as their wife, husband or partner starts to understand and then embrace their own truth on being transgender. It doesn’t matter if the transgender partner is part-time, full-time or some-time – their partner, whether straight, bi, gay or lesbian is often wondering:

  • What is going on?
  • Why is this happening now?
  • What will happen to me?
  • What will happen to our kids?
  • What will happen to us – what happened to the love of my life?

There’s alot of questions and First Event 2016 has some help in store
with our PiP Program: Partners in Process.

Whether you are married or partnered to an FtM, MtF, be they
crossdressers, transexual or genderqueer, TCNE’s Partners in Process
Program is designed to help you get answers to your questions, find
resources to help, build friendships to encourage you, hear you, and make sure you know – you are NOT alone!

There is no additional fee for PiP, it’s a part of First Event and it is
only for the partners of trans-persons.

Here are some of the great programs part of PIP this year at First Event

Thursday January 21  (click for more info on
09:00AM PIP Spouse Meet and Greet
10:00AM Spouse Sanctuary (10am – 4pm)
01:00PM Spouse Only Support Group

Friday January 22 (click for more info on
10:00AM Relationships with Family & Friends – Spouse only support group
10:00AM Spouse Sanctuary (10 am – 4 pm)
11:30AM Outside Appearances and Inner Realities – Spouse Only Support
01:00PM Guilt, Shame, and Fear: Confronting the Emotional Legacy of
02:30PM Lipstick Wars, Wives of Crossdressers – Spouse only support
04:00PM New Directions and Lifestyle Decisions: Asexual, Divorce,
Polyamory, and Others

Saturday January 23 (click for more info on
10:00AM OMG, My partner is Trans, Now what? – Spouse only support
10:00AM Spouse Sanctuary (10 am – 4 pm)
10:00AM Still Crazy after all these years, Longtime Spouse support
group – Spouses only support
11:30AM The Political is Personal: Lesbian Partners of TMs support
group – Spouse only support
01:00PM Issues with Trans Couples: Terms of Endearment – PIP
02:30PM Couples on Intimacy: Where Do We Go from Here? – PIP
03:00PM PiP Tea
04:00PM Couples on Intimacy (continues) – (PiP)

You can register at the links above at or
please contact us at

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Attorney General Maura Healy and Dr. Renee McLaughlin, Headline Speakers at 36th Annual First Event Transgender Conference


Contact: Grace Stevens
First Event Transgender Conference

Waltham, MA (January 2016) – Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey will be one of the keynote speakers at the Transgender Conference, First Event 2016. Ms. Healey will be among the many speakers, workshop leaders, and events at the conference. The conference, in its 36th year, is being held January 20th to the 24th, 2016, at the Westin Hotel, Waltham MA, just outside of Boston.

The conference kicks off Thursday with a special Therapist Training Program. This professional training focuses on advancing clinical competencies, knowledge and critical skills for beginning and advanced gender specialists. CEU’s will be offered and are pending for LCSW, LICSW, LMHC, LMFT.

Thursday evening will see the Black Tie Formal Affair, the major evening kickoff event for First Event 2016. During the evening First Event will recognize two prominent members of the transgender community with TCNE’s Annual Community Service Award: Nancy Nangeroni and Anderson Clark.

Maura Healey will speak at First Event’s Friday Evening conference dinner and fashion show. Ms. Healey is an advocate for transgender rights, having supported the 2011 “An Act Relative to Gender Identity”. Recently she testified in support of current legislation under consideration to protect transgender people in places of public accommodation.

On Saturday evening, at the Francis Cardullo Memorial Banquet, Dr. Renee McLaughlin, M.D., FACS, Senior Medical Director CIGNA Health Care, will be speaking. Dr. McLaughlin served in the United States Army during the first Gulf war. She is on the leadership team for Cigna’s LGBT colleague resource group and is an internal and external resource on transgender-related issues.

Thursday through Sunday there will be over 180 workshops, addressing the various medical, psychological and lifestyle needs of transgender people from children, to teens, to young adults, older adults and families. Topics covered will include:
– Support for men and women whose partner is transgender
– Children, Youth and Family topics
– Transmasculine, FtM workshops
– Topics related to transitioning at work and in one’s profession
– Medical considerations for transgender people
– Many more topics covering the spectrum for the transgender community and those who may be connected to it.

This year First Event welcomes the largest set of corporate sponsors in the event’s history including:
– Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
– Eastern Bank
– CeltiCare Health
– Cigna Health
– nd many more, including world renown surgeons and medical professionals in transgender healthcare

First Event 2016 is being held at the Westin Hotel, Waltham MA. For more information please visit or email

About First Event

Now in its 36th year, First Event is one of the world’s largest and leading conferences for the transgender community and their allies. First Event features workshops from some of the world’s leading medical professionals, educators, and therapists. The conference provides a venue for education and networking for the entire transgender community.

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, M.D., Sponsors First Event 2016 Transgender Conference

First Event and TCNE would like to send a SHOUT OUT OF THANK YOU to Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel for his continued support for First Event!  We truly appreciate your helping to make First Event possible!  Visit him at this link to his Chestnut Hill Office to say “THANKS”   Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, M.D.

Dr. Jeffrey Speigel at First Event 2016


First Event On Line Registration Ends Midnight Friday, Hotel Rooms Almost Sold Out, Evening Events Close to Sold Out

First Event 2016 Transgender Conference Sold Out Registration for First Event 2016 Transgender Conference is in full swing!   If you’ve been part of our Facebook Group or Facebook Page, following our posts on First Event here at TCNE or simply staying plugged into the FE16 Website you know there is a ton of great stuff going on.  So here’s a quick run down on some very important new information on First Event hotels, online registration and finally costs for dinner events if you purchase at the door.

  • First Event On-Line Registration will end MIDNIGHT 1/15/16.   The team needs time to pull  the registrations together and print the badges for #FE16.   You will still be able to register in person at First Event the day you arrive.
  • Our block of hotel rooms is almost sold out.    If you are having any issues with reserving a room please contact Andrea at
  • Our evening events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday are loads of fun but we encourage you to book them online by Friday, 1/15/16.  The price is $65 when booked online but is $75 if booked onsite at First Event IF tickets are still available.

New Feature on First Event Schedule – Sort by Topic!

When you visit the first event schdule you’ll see at the very top a series of abbreviations. These abbreviations, when clicked will allow you to see a smaller set of workshops and activities.

For example, if  you click I/C you’ll be quickly brought to the workshops for Individuals and Couples; If you click on TM you’ll be brought to all the Transmasculine workshops for that day.  With over 178 workshops this year, we wanted to make finding the courses you want as simple as possible.

Click the following image to make it twice the size:

First Event 2016 Schedule Filter


To see a quick demo of this feature, just click this link to see a 1:30 how to video


Dr. Sherman Leis, M.D., Sponsors First Event 2016 Transgender Conference

First Event and TCNE would like to send a WICKED BIG THANK YOU to Dr. Sherman Leis for his continued support for First Event!  We truly appreciate your helping to make First Event possible!  Visit him at this link to say “THANKS”   The Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Shermal Leis Sponsors First Event Transgender Conference

Trans-Women Workshops at First Event 2016

trans-women mtf workshops at first event 2016First Event 2016 has over 160 workshops at last count.  That’s right 160 (as of 12/8/15).  So which ones are specifically for trans-women?  The following are most, but not all, of the excellent workshops addressing some topics related to trans-women and appearance, clothing, voice and more in being who you are.  Join in the fun so you can rock it girl!

Here is the list of workshops, for all details, please visit the First Event Friday and Saturday schedule.   Click Here to Register!  Here’s a “howto” video to show you step by step how to register.

Time Thursday Workshop Titles for MtF – Click Here for Detailed Info
01:00P About Face – Sharing the Alchemy of Makeup
Time Friday Workshop Titles for MtF – Click Here for Detailed Info
09:00A Having Fun with Your Voice (Learning About the Potential of Your Voice Through the Act of Yodeling)
10:00A Q & A on Hair Removal for MtF and FtM
10:00A The Power of Voice
11:30A Feminine Dining Comportment (1)
11:30A Work It Girl! Posing to Perfection
01:00P Feminine Dining Comportment (2)
02:300 How to Get Read in 10 Second Flat: Genetic Women’s Perspectives of Enhancing the MtF Image
02:30P Successful Shopping for Your Most Feminine Silhouette
04:00P Driving as Yourself / Driving While Dressed
Time Saturday Workshop Titles for MtF – Click Here for Detailed Info
10:00A Transgender and the Hair Removal Process
10:00A Hair Restoration, the Final Touch of Transition
10:00A Voice & Movement for Gender Consistent Communication
11:30A Everything You Want To Know About Facial Hair Removal, but Didn’t Know Who to Ask
01:00P About Face – Sharing the Alchemy of Makeup
01:00P Voice Feminization Training: A Safe and Natural Approach to Acquiring Your Best Voice

Dance Party Nightly With DJ Greg at First Event 2016

First Event Nightly Dance Party with DJ Greg at First Event Transgender Conference Dance Party Nightly at First Event 2016!  For the last 7 years, Greg “DJ Greg” has been spinning the tunes at First Event and we keep bringing him back. Why? Because he rocks our night into the early morning with excellent dance tunes sure to get your feet moving! His music library is as bottomless as his humor and spirit. He’s a great DJ and one of the “CAN’T MISS’ segments of First Event. He’ll be in the Westin’s 70 at 3rd Lounge spinning Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, each night from 10PM to 1AM

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Dr. Mark Zukowski, M.D., Sponsors First Event 2016 Transgender Conference

First Event and TCNE would like to send a GREAT BIG THANK YOU out to Dr. Mark Zukowski for his continued support for First Event!  We truly appreciate your helping to make First Event possible!  Visit him at this link to say “THANKS”   Zukowski Center for Cosmetic Surgery.

dr. mark zukowski at first event transgender conference