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Rosebuds: Once a print publication, Rosebuds is now on-line! Featuring articles from TCNE members and contributions from the Transgender community and it’s allies.  TCNE welcomes written contributions.  Please address correspondance to

A Touch of Grace

Grace Stevens is enjoying every day and every step of her journey and can be reached at and would love to hear your comments. To see all her articles: A Touch of Grace Article List

 Outside The Closet

Rebecca’s column deals with life outside of the closet in all it’s various shades of pink, blue and gray. See her complete bio and copyright information here. You can reach Rebecca at or follow her other writings at her blog Beck’s Cafe.  To see all her articles:  Outside the Closet Article List

Nicole Renee Nicole Renee

Nicole Renee is a licensed cosmetologist, make-up artist and photographer. A graduate of Emerson College, she worked in Las Vegas for six years and has now returned to Massachusetts, where she runs I’m Hot Studio in Amesbury. She is also the daughter of Paula Jackson, who wrote our Paula’s Powder Room Rosebuds Column a few years ago. Paula’s older articles still appear at the end of the article list. To see all articles: Beauty Tips Article List

Debbie Johnson Debbie Johnson

Debbie Johnson is twenty-year TCNE member harking back to the telephone-booth interview days. A past TCNE public speaker who is stealth by day and out when possible, she loves to educate the public. She can be reached at To see her articles: Debbie Johnson Article List

Candice St. James Candice St. James

Candice St. James is a native Bostonian. She is a Gemini who is part muse and two-spirited. She can be reached at To see all her articles: Candice St. James Article List

Rita's Korner Rita’s Korner

Rita is a past Tiffany Club Director and former CFO. Rita’s many talents include her having been CFO of a corporation, moving all of TCNE’s financial systems from one system to a new, current generation one and being a completely mad cook. To see all her articles: Rita’s Korner Article List

Guest Columns is looking for guest columns and other articles! Email submissions to To see all guest posts: Guest Columns Article List

Rosebuds Archives

(Past issues when we printed Rosebuds. November 2004 to June 2008)