TG Discussion Group

TG Discussion Group at TCNE (free to the transgender community)


2nd Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm – Brenda Thompson – Facilitator

Yearning for some informal talk with others on
coming out to loved ones, getting through the holidays
alone, a book about our transgender experience you’ve read
or a TV special you’ve watched and a host of other topics?

Tired of talking to yourself?

Don’t sit alone, sit with others! Come to the
TG Discussion group. A free, informal, information
discussion group centered around topics YOU
want to talk about with others in a safe, non-threatening environment.

The TG Discussion group has been meeting at TIffany Club on
the 2nd Thursday of every month since October of 2006.
Topics are open and YOU set the topic of the group.

* When does the TG Discussion Group Meet? The 2nd Thursday of every month
* What time do they meet? 7PM
* Where do they meet? Tiffany Club of New England, Waltham MA.
* Who is the group facilitator?  Brenda Thompson

The group is no charge and offered as a
service of Tiffany Club to the transgender community.
Everyone from the community is welcome to attend.

Who ya gonna email for details? …