Tuesday Open House

OPEN HOUSE Every Tuesday from 7 – 10:00 pm or later

Coffee_cupStop by for our Tuesday Open House for face to face chat, free munchies, and a relaxed environment to get to know others in low-key, no pressure, transgender friendly environment.

Come en femme or simply dressed as a guy.

We have a dressing room and you are very welcome to bring your things and dress there.  Or stay dressed as a guy.  It’s all fine by us as all of us have started in the same place! We are very informal and mostly sit around talking with soft drinks.

Just meeting and talking with another live trans-person can be a big help – so come on down, the coffee is on us! Spouses and partners are always welcome.

Directions?  Questions?

Where: TCNE Clubhouse in Waltham, MA

Click here for directions via Google Maps: http://bit.ly/4JpL9d

  • Email us at info@tcne.org
  • Call us at (781) 891-9325; Answered LIVE on Tuesdays 7 – 10:00 pm and Saturdays 7:00 –  11:00 pm , though sometimes not as late
  • Directions via Google Maps: http://bit.ly/4JpL9d

We are located in Waltham in a brick building near the east end of the street on the south side. There is a door on the left end of the building marked “TCNE”. Note the Google Maps marker appears is too far west on the street. There is a small parking area just to the left of the entrance and there is ample parking on the street even further to the left. It is usually best not to park in front of the buildings further down to the right (west), since much of that is private parking.