Denied or refused service, including medical care? Boston Mother’s Stand Up To Protect their Kids

Many of us have remembered the stunning performances of Nicole Talbot at First Event the past couple of years, and some of us have seen her perform in other venues too.  But did you know Nicole and others like her could very well lose the ability to go to public facilities of any kind, including medical facilities, come November?  This piece in the Boston Herald talks about this as well as how the mom’s of these amazing boys and girls, are stepping it up to defend their kids.   As reported in the Boston Herald:

When Nicole Talbot was 13, she was cast as a girl in a musical, but was told she couldn’t change in the girls’ dressing room.

Nicole had recently transitioned to a girl.

The people running the theater knew Nicole before that and wanted her to use the boy’s dressing room. Eventually, after sitting down with her mother, the theater relented and let Nicole dress with the other girls.

This is just one example of why Nicole’s mother, Jeanne Talbot, and other mothers of transgender children, are on a mission to uphold the Massachusetts law that protects their children and all transgender people.

“I, and hundreds of thousands of other families and transgender people, will fight with everything we have to protect our children and the transgender people who walk this path and have walked it long before we have,” Jeanne told me this week.

The state’s transgender anti-discrimination law, signed by Gov. Charlie Baker in 2016, is in jeopardy as its opponents try to repeal it on the November ballot.

Read more here at the Boston Herald: “Transgender Children’s Mothers Work to Uphold Protection Law

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