Tiffany Club of New England Expands Mission and Changes Name to Trans Club of New England

WALTHAM, Mass.Aug. 29, 2018PRLog — Tiffany Club of New England, an educational, social and support organization for the transgender community since 1978, is changing its name to Trans Club of New England. The familiar initials, TCNE, remain unchanged.

“Our name change represents our expanding mission for the club. For generations we served folks who identified as “heterosexual cross-dressers”, said Jaime Metheny, TCNE president. “The world now understands a much broader spectrum of gender identity and the name change reflects that experience. TCNE’s mission has expanded in turn to provided education and support to everyone in the transgender community.”

The club serves about 200 active participants year-round and nearly 1,000 people during its annual conference, First Event. Additionally, the club serves as a gateway for organizations trying to connect with others in the New England transgender community.

When TCNE first opened its doors in 1978, the primary mission was to provide support to adult male-to-female cross-dressers. Gradually, an increasing number of club members and conference attendees identified as male-to-female transsexuals, people assigned male at birth who are more likely to transition to live full-time as women. The reach of the club’s First Event Conference has expanded even further to include everyone in the transgender community, including people with male and gender non-conforming identities, youth, families and young adults. The new name reflects the commitment of TCNE to support these communities year-round, not just through the First Event Conference.

Many more Americans openly identify as trans or non-binary today as they did five years ago.” said Ruben Hopwood, PhD, Coordinator of the Trans Health Program at Fenway health, “I’ve often referred patients to Tiffany Club for peer support and I am happy to see the clearly tangible work you are doing to bring in representatives of various younger generations, racial, ethnic, and other groups within the gender diverse family.”

For more information about TCNE, their Volunteering and Visibility initiative or their yearly event, First Event, please visit or email us at


About TCNE

TCNE is changing its name from Tiffany Club of New England to Trans Club of New England.  We are a Boston area transgender support organization for the transgender community.  Our future name reflects our expanding mission to serve transgender individuals across the gender spectrum.  Offering transgender social activities and support since the 1970’s, we are one of the oldest transgender groups in the world and one of very few with our own permanent location. We also run the First Event transgender conference each January/February.  Existing members and newcomers are encouraged to drop in any Tuesday evening, 7:00 – 10:00 pm, or Saturday evening 7PM to 11PM.  For more information please email visit our web site, or contact Rebecca Aine, of TCNE’s Community Engagement Team.

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1 thought on “Tiffany Club of New England Expands Mission and Changes Name to Trans Club of New England

  1. Are there any organizations like yours in eastern CT or nearby that area?


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