TCNE Volunteering and Visibility Day at Rosie’s – Next Volunteer and Visibility Day is November 15th


The Volunteer and Visibility Day at Rosie’s Place on September 15th was a big success!  Trans Club of New England/First Event Team volunteers rolled up their sleeves, grabbed cutting boards and dug in to make meals for the many women who rely on Rosie’s Place for support!


While walking into the lobby we got a surprise and noticed this sign in the Rosie’s Place


Trans Club of New England’s next Volunteer and Visibility day is November 15th!

The Theatre Offensive – an LGBT youth theater program that builds self confidence and public speaking through theater is looking for our help at their annual gala.


The event is called Beyond The Stage 2018 will be on Thursday, November 15th from 6-8pm.They are looking for volunteers between 4pm and 9:30pm for help with set-up, registration, and breakdown.

Bree Sullivan is our volunteer coordinator for the event!

It’ll be a chance to dress up (business attire – business casual) a bit while we help LGBT youth. Check out the pictures from last year’s event.

Our main volunteer duties will be registration, name-tagging, etc. If there are folks who are up for heavier physical tasks, we will also probably need help setting up some decorations and breaking them down at the beginning and end of the event, and also unloading/loading materials from staff vehicles.


Learn more about TCNE’s Volunteer and Visibility Days including links to Photos of these events.

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