Nightmare Before Christmas World AIDs Day Ball, December 1st, Boston

On December 1st, The Legendary Athena West presents a “Nightmare Before Christmas”  in honor of World AIDs Day.  Part competition, part party,  “Nightmare Before Christmas” is a unique way to celebrate the holiday season!  See their FB Page for more info! Nightmare Before Christmas World AIDs Day Ball.

Night Before Christmas Ball and HIV Fund Raiser on December 1 2018 in Boston MA Sponsored by Trans Club of New England


  • 169 Norfolk Ave, Roxbury, MA 02119-3045

Commentators of the Evening

  • Legendary Father Tarik St.Clair
  • Snookie 007


  • Can be sponsored for $100 each

Cost to Attend

  • $25 All Night  at the door

Here’s the video from last years fun with information about this year event!

Contest Categories:

Thinking about entering? Some words of advice from the show’s producer, Athena: “If someone wants to participate my advice is for them to read what the categories call for and make sure they understand what it is and how it works so that they don’t get out there and get chopped and if they have any questions about the categorie to hit me up so that I can explain more for them”  You can reach Athena on her Nightmare Before Christmas FB Page

Tag Team Best Dressed MF and FF

The Mayor has invited you and your Partner to the Annual Christmas Ball he would like to Merge all Towns as One.Tonight in a look of your Own come Baring a Gift that Is from One of the Towns In the Movie Nightmare Before Christmas to show him why he should not Merge All towns. $250

OTA Face:

When Jack becomes Sandy Claus, Zero become Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Tonight in a white cape and red nose, come selling your face $100.00

Beginner’s performance:

Santa’s little helper with a twist, you have been battling to save Christmas Town all night. Now that you’ve won, you don’t have time to change before fixing Jack’s mess. Bring it in your army fatigues and a Christmas bow—sponsored by Legendary Dezyre Milan $100

Beginner’s Runway:

Bring it like an elf, don’t forget your gift

OTA Realness:

All categories will be broken down into there Main Cats. tonight it is Battle of the Holidays! Jack wanted to be Sandy Claus and now all of the holiday town folk need to claim their territory. It’s time to figure out which Holiday is best

Drags (St. Patrick’s Day):

show us why you’re the gold at the end of the rainbow. Bring it in chunky gold accessories $100.00

Fem queen (Easter):

Tonight you’re bright eyed and bushy tailed. Bring it like a bunny—don’t forget your ears & tail $100.00

School Boys (Thanksgiving):

It’s Thanksgiving break and you’re having a sleepover with your cousins. Bring it in your holiday pajamas (onsies count) $500.00

Thugs (Halloween):

You’re a badass vampire, don’t forget your fangs

Pretty Boys (Valentine’s Day):

You and your boo have a date at an upscale restaurant, bring it with a single red rose

Executives (Christmas):

It’s time for the office Christmas party. Bring it in a green tie & Santa hat

Transman (Fourth of July):

It’s Independence Day and cookouts are plentiful. Bring it in your red, white and blue BBQ outfit

Legendary realness:

There’s nothing like watching your kids open gifts Christmas morning, even if they are from Jack Skellington. Bring it in your Christmas Sweater and don’t forget your coffee mug $100

OTA Runway:

The Black Widow-Santa’s Dead.& Mrs.Claus needs a dress for the funeral (just how High Fashion should she Be) $1000

All American:

Santa’s last gift-he’s back from the dead and ready for revenge. Bring it in a grungy Santa effect, Don’t forget you were just raised from the dead

Fem queen sexy performance:

You are sexy and you know it, but you’re tired of being the side chick. You’re ready to confront Mrs. Claus. Bring it in a sexy red and green rendition/effect that shows why you’re no longer going to be lurking in the shadows. Heels are a must—sponsored by Bambi St. Clair $150.00 total $150.00

Realness with a twist:

Must get your 10s in a realness category. Bring it like Sally, the new Queen of Christmas (do your research) $200.00

Big boys:

Bring it like Oogie Boogie. Tonight you are the boogeyman, your effect must mimic his outfit

ButchQueen Performance:
$1000.00 PRIZE

Angel V.S Demons:
Since the Dawn of time there has always been a Battle Between Good and Evil, now with another Battle on the horizon Jack is out to Destroy all things Christmas Starting with

Santa Claus:
Soft & Cunt’s bring it in all White and Don’t forget your Wings (they don’t have to be white but cant be black)

Dramatics in all Red and Don’t forget your wings:
Don’t have to be black but cant be white. tonight shall the light Prevail or shall darkness reign over Christmas Land.

Old way:
You’re the mayor of Halloween Town. Watching everyone get excited for Christmas has you feeling upset. Bring it in black & gold with a half mask

Legendary Performance:
You light up the Halloween world. Bring it like a jack-o-lantern in orange and green $150.00

Womens Performance:
The Mad Scientist tonight you have created a monster by Mixing Different Ingredients. tonight while dressed like a madd scientist show up how you will poison the competition to show you are the Baddist B*&ch Standing.

Drags Performance after the Death of Santa Claus
Mrs Claus is looking to Pass down her Legacy so tonight The Mrs Clause Position Needs to be Filled, do you have what it takes to put on a show stopping Performance to show the Judges why you should be the new Mrs. Claus 150.00

OTA Sex Siren:
Tonight you are the gift under the tree. In a creative effect that makes you look like your wrapped under a tree as a gift bring you sexiness to life.$150.00

This event was made possible with the help of Trans Club of New England/First Event, Trans Emergency Fund, Harvard University Center for AIDS Research, Gilead, BAGLY, GLASS, Justice Resource Institute, Fenway, AIDs Action Committee, Network LaRed, Casa Esparaonza, Boston Black Pride, Codman Square Health,  Multicultural Aids Coalition


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