Statement by TCNE Regarding Straight Pride

The Straight Pride Parade is scheduled to begin in Copley Square at noon and end at City Hall Plaza, along a route similar to the Boston Pride parade. Alternative marches to the parade are also planned for the same time. One group plans to hold a rally at City Hall Plaza. Another plans to walk up Boylston Street and meet the parade at Copley Square. TCNE fully supports everyone’s right to be who they are and also to live peacefully and equitably with one another in a world full of diversity. We do not support hate or divisiveness.

TCNE will not be participating in these marches and instead will be focusing on supporting the needs of, and building community with, transgender, non-binary, and the overall LGBTIQA, straight, and minority communities. We feel that directing our energy in this way is the best way to continue to make the Greater Boston area thrive. If you are looking for a way to join us in that objective, three possible opportunities to consider are volunteering for First Event 2020, our Volunteering and Visibility actions, or working with Boston Pride 2020.

Thank you to the many, many supporters and volunteers across the community that help us carry out our mission. We are grateful for all of your partnership and support!

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