Webinar: How to blend in with cisgender women, 9-16-20 @ 7PM EST

This Wednesday, 9-16-20 at 7PM please join us for another Workshop Wednesday, “How to Blend In With Cisgender Women”. Believing true femininity starts from the inside out, photographer Cassandra Storm and image consultant Lindsey Taub are prepared to share real talk and real answers with you on how to blend in with cisgender women. This is a no holds barred tell-all shared from a perspective not often heard in the trans community, with a view on femininity you may have never before considered.

To be clear, neither Cassandra nor Lindsey believe transgender women need to blend in with cisgender women. They think it’s much more important to be true to yourself, whoever you are. That said, they have both worked with lots of clients who strive to go unnoticed among a sea of cisgender women. If this would make you happy, too, then this is one seminar you will not want to miss.

Workshops are free for all, but registration is required.

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