Virtual Workshop 10/7 at 7PM: Dealing With Insurance: How to Challenge Denied Claims

Despite new laws and policies requiring medically necessary care for transgender people, it is still very common that we have to fight to get the coverage we need. I’ve heard too many horror stories from friends not getting the coverage to which they are entitled. One friend was denied coverage literally days before a major surgery, leading him to scramble massively while he should have been mentally and physically preparing for his surgery. Another friend ended up paying out of pocket for a major surgery after an unsuccessful year-long battle with her insurance company.

Julia’s presentation is geared toward people who are relatively inexperienced in dealing with insurance companies. She will be focusing on understanding the process and maximizing the likelihood claims will be paid: i.e., preauthorization. The presentation will go into medical necessity and the appeals process as well. Bring your notebook and questions, Ms. Underwood is experienced and knowledgable.

Workshops are free for all, but registration is required.

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