Virtual Workshop: TD Bank Financial Planning 10/28 @ 7PM

Your invited to our next virtual workshop: Financial Planning with TD Bank! Presented by Mr. Winston Wong of TD Bank. This workshop covers

Winson Wang of TD Bank Boston will present a detailed financial planning track for both you and old. Regarding savings, higher education, retirement, and investment planning. Bring an open mind and all your financial questions.
Learn and get help with banking and budgeting basics in the digital age. Find info on checking and savings account details, ATM’s, Debit Cards, new ways to pay and how to keep track of your money.

This workshop will take place on Wednesday 10-28-20 at 7PM. While free, we do ask that attendees register for this event.

1 thought on “Virtual Workshop: TD Bank Financial Planning 10/28 @ 7PM

  1. Michael Christine Scott Hochberg October 28, 2020 — 10:53 am

    Totally awesome wish I were in the area even more Stay strong everyone miss you


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