Virtual Workshop: MTF Top and Bottom Surgery, Wednesday 12-16-20, 7PM EST – last workshop for 2020

For our last workshop of 2020, Dr. Sherma Leis will be with us to discuss two MtF specific surgeries: breast augmentation and vaginoplasty.

Options for breast augmentation will be discussed and demonstrated including choice of incisions, shape and size of implant, saline versus silicone, placement of implants above or below the muscle, etc.

Dr. Leis will also discuss his technique of one-stage vaginoplasty utilizing the penile inversion technique, neo-clitoris construction, and scrotal skin graft to increase vaginal depth. Recent cases will be demonstrated to show the natural results obtained with these techniques Dr. Sherman Leis is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon specializing in transgender surgery.

We’d also like to take a minute to give a huuuuge thanks to Samantha Ambrose for her incredible work leading the virtual workshop program all these past several months. Samantha, and her partner-in-crime Sammie Matoian have given us all a little light, joy, and knowledge, in this otherwise fairly dreadful year. Big thanks to all of our presenters, too. We can’t have workshops without them!

This is our last workshop for 2020. We’ll be back with an updated schedule for 2021 coming as soon as we kick things off in 2021.

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Leis’ workshop on FTM top and bottom surgery originally scheduled for December 2 will be has been rescheduled for February 10, 2021.

Workshops are free for all, but registration is required. Please register below for the Wednesday 12-16-2020 Virtual Workshop:

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