New Bible Application Focuses on Inclusion and the LGBTIQA Community, “Our Bible App”

A new application has been released for iPhones and Android called “Our Bible App”. The new application is meant to assist users on their “road to spiritual wholeness and discovery”. They also note that many times, can be rife with harmful, abusive rhetoric. The application has both a free and subscription version.

The application is inclusive and pro-LGBTQIA. Founded by Crystal Cheatham, an LGBTQ+ rights activist with a focus on religious liberty. You can read more about Crystal here. You can read more about their mission here.

The free version features:

Bible Reader: Multiple Bible translations at your fingertips

Free Shelf: 5 free devotionals each month

Chatrooms: 6 affinity groups open to all app users so that you can meet and greet new people

Podcasts: A library of podcasts collected and recommended by Team OBA

Newsletter: Weekly recommendations on what to find in the app and the community: music, podcasts, books, events and more

The premium version features:

Full Amenities
Everything from the basic plan — the Bible reader, chatrooms and podcasts

Premium Access
Access to all 300+ devotional in the library

Weekly Features
2 new devotionals every week highlighted in the featured section

Audio Devotionals
Access to Pass the Salt – an exclusive OBA podcast

You can learn more at their website “Our Bible App” or download the Apple version here or the Android version here.

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