Hello, Goodbye BBQ as Trans Community of New England Moves to Its Next Adventure! Saturday, May 15 1-4pm @ TCNE

SAY HELLO to friends – old and new, and ones you haven’t met before. We’ll be live and in 3 dimensions, not on a computer screen! Say hello to our new name Trans Community of New England! The BBQ and more will be at TCNE on May 15 at 3PM, the last time we will meet at this location. The location is 30 Guinan Street, Waltham MA 02451. Click here for directions via Google Maps. Registration for this BBQ is at the end of this post.

SAY GOODBYE to the TCNE clubhouse before we permanently close the Waltham location at the end of May. Our gathering will be outside, but you’ll be able to walk through the clubhouse one last time.

AFTER DECADES in our Waltham clubhouse, we have finally decided that it is time to move on. Like a favorite sweater, the clubhouse has served us well for so many years. It has provided a place to be yourself, to see old friends and make new ones, and most importantly, a place to turn for those of us who had nowhere else to go.

We are proud to be able to say that we have outgrown our clubhouse in so many ways.

Our community …

AFTER MONTHS of searching for the perfect affordable location, we finally realized there isn’t one. Instead of leasing one sub-optimal space, we are partnering with community organizations to set up satellite locations that will provide greater geographic reach. 

We are holding off on finalizing the specific locations until the pandemic further dies down. If you are interested in organizing one of our future satellite locations, please email katoncheryl@gmail.com. Location organizers will be responsible for scheduling and hosting monthly or biweekly social gatherings. TCNE will provide a facility, promotion, and other support.

* Not closer to all of you, but likely most of you.

To reflect that our community is so much more than a club, we have changed our name (one more time) to the Trans Community of New England.

First Come First Serve!

Everything Must Go!

Without a fixed location, we won’t need most of what is in the clubhouse today. We are saving important records and artifacts, but everything else is up for grabs (free!). Furniture, framed art, those legendary couch pillows, and select TCNE memorabilia will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Your a true treasure Janet – Thank you!

Thanks Janet!

We can’t say goodbye to the clubhouse without thanking Janet Asch. Janet has helped keep the clubhouse humming along for years, managing the office and hosting social gatherings. We’ll take time to celebrate and thank Janet for her dedication and countless contributions.

Bring Your Hunger and Your Mask!

Come hungry and masked!

We’ll provide the bbq basics – burgers and hot dogs, chips, and drinks. No need to bring anything, though if you would like to bring something please email Julia at finance@tcne.org to coordinate. Consistent with state guidelines, masks will be required inside the clubhouse at all times. Masks will be required outside when you are not eating. We will provide flexible seating to permit maintaining social distance while eating.

6 responses to “Hello, Goodbye BBQ as Trans Community of New England Moves to Its Next Adventure! Saturday, May 15 1-4pm @ TCNE”

  1. Over the 25plus years I have attended First Event, but never could see the host location. Around seven or eight years ago I flew in stay with Joan H at her home. We made a special trip to Waltham, and I got to climb the “stairway to heaven”. I saw my name on the walls and doors, and I got super emotional, and cried like a child. Oh what a night and week ahead at First Event, and yes my hat will be on at all times.

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  2. I have not visited the club in more than four years. However, this news has brought a tear to my eye. I was club member from the early fall of 2012 until May of 2016. I experience many firsts as a member of TIFFANY CLUB. From going out to dinner at the local 99 Restaurant to my first time “ out” alone, on my very own. I had many friends whom I’ve lost contact with over the past 5 years. I may have disappeared but the memories survive in my heart and mind. I was once very active on FB, now I only occassionally log in just to see what you are all up to. My life has taken many turns over the years after leaving, some for the better some not so much. But, in my own way, I loved you all! You were there when I needed you most, and stilllove you all! I’m hopeful that TCNE finds new locations to meet where people can “come out of the closet” to see there is a world out there for them. Please feel free to drop me a message on FB, I would love to hear from you!!

    With all my Love,
    Wayne….aka Meghan Katherine Ryder

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    • Thanks Meghan for letting everyone know you are ok! I’m sure your email box will get mail for sure as you were and are a beloved member of the community. Wishing you love and joy!


  3. I am less than thrilled at the direction the club seems to have taken. Having attended the Tuesday night get- togethers quite often during the past few years I am very disappointed to hear about this closure. I don’t know what you are proposing for other venues, but if it is a support group in a church basement I will find other things to do with my time.

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    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment April. We appreciate you taking your time to do that. As the locations and venues get rolled out, we’ll be posting them here so you know what is happening. Also, please, if you can at all, come to the BBQ and talk with some of the board there so that they can hear your thoughts directly. We hope you stay connected to us certainly, we think we have an exciting future ahead for the whole transgender community as TCNE’s mission expands. We’d love you to be a part of that in whatever way works best for you.


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