From Resistance to Resilience to Renaissance: Stonewall Uprising Anniversary Celebration for Pride Month – Monday 6/28/21 4:3PM EST

Celebrate Pride by joining NCTE tomorrow at 4:30pm ET for a celebration of the anniversary of the resistance and resilience that started it all, the Stonewall Uprisings! “From Resistance to Resilience to Renaissance” A panel discussion with transgender activists of color. To honor the Stonewall uprising, panelists will discuss the many ways transgender activists have led the fight for LGBTQ+ justice and equality.”

Sybastian Smith, National Organizer for the National Center for Transgender Equality is moderating this panel and the panelists joining him are:

1. Diego Sanchez from PFLAG National

2. Tori Cooper from the Human Rights Campaign

3. AC Dumloa the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund and

4. A special guest from the National Black Justice Coalition Progress is an intergenerational journey. Join us in hearing the stories of the people who paved our way and are making a way forward for all of us.

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