First Event 2022 Registration OPEN!

Thanks so much for your patience as our 100% volunteer team worked nights and weekends to get our new registration system up and running. We are soooo ready for you to register now and can’t wait to see you in January! First Event is January 12 – January 16 | Boston Park Plaza Hotel

COVID Policy: Vaccinations Required

Given the stubbornly high case counts in Massachusetts which have been on the rise as we all move indoors, we have made the very difficult decision to require vaccinations for all attendees age 5 and over. There will be no exceptions, except for documented medical exemptions combined with a negative PCT test. There will also be no arguing or pleading. We are making this decision for the safety of all attendees, not for political reasons.

If you are not yet vaccinated, we encourage you to get vaccinated and we’d love to see you in January.

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