2 thoughts on “TCNE & First Event Wish Everyone a Safe, Fun & Wonderful Holiday Season!

  1. I am trying to cancel my hotel reservation and am having difficulty. Please cancel my reservation.


    1. Hi Thomas – Here is a quick video showing where to manage your reservation in order to cancel it: https://youtu.be/Mi0tDfLCiTo

      In short, you want to go to this page https://firstevent.org/first-event-2022-is-significantly-scaled-down-because-of-rising-covid-cases/ scroll down to Hotel Reservations. Then click on the link dedicated First Event reservation site which is this page here https://book.passkey.com/event/50208744/owner/265/home then you’ll want to look for a light blue link which says “Manage Existing Reservation”. It is under the blue button on that page. Click that link and it will show a pop up saying “Manage Existing Reservation”. You’ll enter your Acknowledgement or hotel confirmation number and from there you can cancel your reservation.

      If you need further help please email us at info@tcne.org

      Happy Holidays!



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